It is our pleasure to give the highest recommendation to Ms Beverly Henry in regards to her distinctive artistic and creative ability in building multimillion high end houses. We contracted her to complete the terrace level of our house in 2010. We are very impressed by her dedicated work   in paying meticulous & personal   attention to the minute details in architectural design and construction. She is pleasant & easy to work with and we noticed that she utilized her analytic skills to   save unnecessary expenditure while maintaining the highest quality to the end.  She still calls us to check on us  frequently not just about her  work on the terrace level  she did but also   to take care of other  issues  on any floors in our house. We came to know her as a builder at the beginning but now she is a   very good friend of ours in the Sugarloaf Country Club.

~ Sugarloaf Country Club Resident

In 2004, Beverly Henry built our home located in The River Club Subdivision in Suwanee, Georgia.  The home was built to exacting specifications and was completed on time.  Ms. Henry’s attention to detail and quality of workmanship is unsurpassed by any builder that I am personally aware of in the State of Georgia.  Most importantly, if there was any issue with the property, Ms. Henry was right there to correct any problem and provided outstanding after the sale service. Even the home inspector commented that the quality of workmanship was one of the finest he had ever seen.  Ms. Henry had a hands-on approach to building and was constantly on the jobsite overseeing and ensuring the quality of her craftsmanship.  Should I choose to build another home in the future, I would not consider another builder other than Beverly Henry.

~ Kevin T. Moore

Ms. Henry not only participated and guided us thru the design process, she was also first and foremost present during the permitting, ground breaking and full phase of construction. Our participation and oversight would take place on conference calls, on weekends, holidays or when the project necessitated our presence and as always, she was there to accommodate our schedule. The construction process progressed flawlessly with additions, improvements and enhancements with her focus and attention to detail. Upon our many trips for inspection during the building process, the quality and high standard was evident not only from her directly but also in the carefully screened subcontractors that were on the property.  Our home was completed on time in the year of 2000. What I can categorically state regarding Ms. Henry is as follows:

  • She takes pride and ownership of every project that she is involved with
  • Posses a high quality standard in construction
  • Has great knowledge and skill thru out all phases of construction
  • Highly selective in her choice of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Posses a keen focus and attention to detail
  • Fully stands behind  the workmanship of her projects

We found the honesty and integrity exhibited by Ms. Henry a rare commodity within this trade. This was experienced throughout the construction as well as her immediate response to resolve any issue that we experienced after the project was complete!

~ Yvonne Yarid